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Bird Port

Bird Port is a privately run Port located on the River Usk in Newport, South East Wales and has been operated by the Cargo Services Group since 2004.

It has the distinction of being the nearest South Wales Port to the Midlands and is less than 2 miles from the M4 and M5 Motorway network.

The Port offers the flexibility of a family run business with round the clock working for both vessel and warehousing work. 

The port boasts excellent Customer Service and value for money for its customers and claims to be one of the most efficient ports in the UK given its size in comparison to its throughput each year.

2017 saw a 30% increase in cargo tonnes handled at the Port Facility rising from 682,000 tonnes in 2016 to 885,000 tonnes.

Bird Port is an "All Weather Multimodal Port". Following significant investment of the ports infrastructure, the first All Weather (Rail) Terminal opened in 2010 and covered the Rail facility allowing for weather sensitive cargoes to be delivered to and collected from the port 24/7 - 365. This also meant a significant improvement of the ports carbon footprint by reducing the number of road vehicles needed to deliver and collect cargo from the port.

The second All Weather (Dock) Terminal covers the inner berth of the main dock at Bird Port and is 60m in length. This allows the cargo holds of the majority of coaster vessels calling Bird Port to be protected from inclement weather in order to minimise disruption to cargo operations when carrying weather sensitive cargoes. 
Cargoes are carried internally at the port from rail to warehouse to vessel on covered road vehicles preventing sensitive cargoes from becoming wet.

Bird Port is a certified "NAABSA" port - Not Always Afloat But Safe Aground. Originally utilised as a dry dock, the dock benefits from a concrete floor and single dock gate which aims to retain 6.2m of water during low water periods.

The main benefit of Bird Port when it comes to vessel operations are the two unique 43 tonne & 35 tonne capacity Goliath Gantry Cranes which span the dock, and are capable of a high output performance loading/discharging up to 4000 tonnes of cargo per 12 hour tidal cycle.

The main coil warehouse complex is equipped with 3 separate coil gantry cranes with electrically operated lifting tongs, each capable of handling coils up to 28 tonnes piece weight.

Bird Port has been BS EN ISO 9001 accredited since 2002 and is proud of the high standards and quality of safety and performance it has attained which has been duly recognised by the three leading South Wales Steel Manufacturers in Tata Steel, Celsa Steel and Liberty Steel respectively.

Tidal range

Tidal range for MHWN 8.2m - MLWN 4.3m = 3.9m  
Tidal range for MHWS 13.2m - MLWS 0.0m = 13.2m

Max vessel dimensions port has accommodated

Beam - 19.50m
Draft - 9.47m
LOA - 205.00m

Relationship between Chart Datum and Ordnance Datum


Heaviest load over quayside to date

150 tonnes

Total quayside length


Port Services

Stevedoring services supplied by Bird Port.

Boatmen services supplied by Bird Port.

Port Agency services supplied by Bird Port.

Pilotage supplied via Harbour Authority. Pilotage is mandatory on all vessels with LOA greater than 85m. 

Tug assistance available through SMS Towage (if and when required - subject to availability).

Fresh water available via shore connection.

Bunkering is permitted at the Port via Port approved bunker delivery companies.

Specialist mobile craneage can be contracted/hired in to suit any Project / Heavy Lift cargoes.

Future Development Plans

Further plans to enhance the All Weather Dock Terminal.


Bird Port quayside facilities

Quayside Ref
Length (m)
Depth below CD (m)
Open area (m2)
Shed area (m2)
General load capacity (t/m2)
Heavy lift capacity (t/m2)
Primary Use
Bird Port 1
Cargo Cyffredinol.
Bird Port 2
Cargo Cyffredinol.

Bird Port Media